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TAG Espresso "Stay Cool" Travel Tumbler

Our "Stay Cool" thermal mug comes with a leak-resistant lid and non-slip rubber attached at the bottom lid. It is best for cold beverage or drinks below 90°C.
For the cool minimalist lover, this design is sure to check the list ✅.

Capacity: 320ml

Diameter: 7.65cm x 7.85cm x 14cm

Mug Body Material: Stainless steel SUS304, Foodgrade Tritan, PP+TPE, Foodgrade Silicone

Lid Material: Foodgrade Tritan, Foodgrade Silicone 


Use & Care:

- Clean with warm water before first use.

- When used with hot liquid, be careful not to scald yourself.

After use, please wash them in time to avoid odour residue.

- Rinse with warm water and wipe dry after.