Our story

Who is TAG Espresso?

The journey of TAG Espresso started from some naive questions, “What defines a cup of tasty coffee and by who?”, “Why must premium brews be made using an expensive machine?”, “Why are the types of drinks so limited?”. 

We understand that all the answers are supported by good reasons according to coffee experts. At the same time, we see people who enjoy coffee drinks have opinions of vast differences. This led to our simple belief that people should be able to easily make a coffee drink however the way they like, wherever and whenever. TAG Espresso was created with such inspiration that our customers can express themselves in their own coffee making and enjoy!

Our brand name and logo were inspired by the hashtag and emoticons that you see every day on social media, we hope they can inspire our customers the courage and fun of expressing, in coffee drinks and everyday living.

How It's Made

How It's Made

The Q-GRADER coffee master controls the coffee ratio throughout the quality. The unique extraction technology is used to ensure the integrity of the coffee bean extraction to the greatest extent, resulting in a more intense taste, better flavour layering, and fully locking in the coffee aroma.

The extracted coffee concentrate is extremely frozen crystals lyophilised in a vacuum environment of -50 °C.

Now we can enjoy a great brew anytime, anywhere in just 3 seconds!