TAG Espresso Story

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Who is TAG Espresso?

Once upon a bean-filled adventure, TAG Espresso's journey took off with some curious questions like, "What defines a cup of tasty coffee and by who?" and "Why must premium coffee be confined to expensive machines?" Our inquisitiveness didn't stop there; we also wondered, "Why should coffee choices be so limited?"

Embracing the wisdom of coffee experts, we discovered that there are plenty of valid reasons behind each aspect. However, we noticed something delightful – coffee lovers everywhere had their own unique preferences and tastes. This revelation sparked a bold idea: why not empower people to create their coffee exactly the way they desire, anytime, and anywhere?

And so, TAG Espresso came into existence with a dash of inspiration from the hashtags and emoticons that pepper social media. Our aim was to infuse the joy of expressing oneself into the art of coffee-making and everyday living. Like a caffeinated canvas, we invited our customers to unleash their creativity and enjoy the exhilarating journey of crafting their personalized coffee delights.

With each sip, TAG Espresso encourages our coffee adventurers to embrace the spirit of daring expression, celebrating the magic of a perfectly brewed cup while cherishing life's everyday pleasures. So, pick up your mug and let the TAG Espresso journey awaken the barista within you, one playful cup at a time! ☕😄

How It's Made

How TAG Espresso is Made

In the realm of coffee craftsmanship, the Q-GRADER coffee master stands as an epitome of precision, exercising meticulous control over the coffee ratio and thereby dictating the overall quality of the brew. Through the implementation of a unique extraction technology, the essence of the coffee beans are safeguarded. This results in a more intense taste, better flavour layering, and fully locking in the coffee aroma that mesmerizes the senses.

There's more! The extracted coffee concentrate transforms into frozen crystals by undergoing a specialized lyophilization process in a vacuum environment set at -50 °C. It's like winter has come early, but instead of snowflakes, you have coffee flakes dancing in your cup!

Now we can enjoy a great brew anytime, anywhere in just 3 seconds! Whether you're on a daring adventure or simply relaxing at home, the magic of TAG Espresso coffee is here to delight your taste buds and elevate your coffee experience to a whole new level.

So, fellow coffee lovers, raise your cups and savor the magic that awaits – a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary, unfolding in every indulgent sip! ☕✨🪄