TAG Espresso Coffee 101

Fantasy Blue

Fantasy Blue coffee uses Arabica beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Sumatra. The medium roasted beans were finely grinded and blend with rich coconut flavour and grapefruit flavour respectively, accentuating the aftertaste of roasted nuts and the sweetness of cocoa butter.

Fantasy Blue coffee is balanced, fruity and with a note of lively acidity. 

TAG Blue

Apricot Chestnut coffee uses Arabica beans sourced from Guatemala. This medium roast coffee carries a distinct taste of fruity sweetness and aroma of roasted chestnuts, smooth with aftertaste of maple syrup.

Cocoa Butter coffee is a medium dark roast of Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia. It presents a taste of Cocoa Butter with sweet acidity, rich yet with no bitterness.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue coffee uses Arabica beans from Columbia, Guatemala and Sumatra. This dark roast is bold, with the flavour of roasted nuts and chocolatey fragrance, smooth with long lasting aftertaste.

Coral Pink

Our limited edition!

Sherry Berry coffee uses Arabica beans from Honduras. The beans were fermented in Sherry casks (Yes! The casks selected by premium whiskey for maturing) gives its name and also why this is limited. Due to this special treatment, this medium roast coffee exudes a note of sherry with layers of acidity and sweetness, gentle aftertaste of honey cream, smooth and lasting.