TAG Espresso Mug
TAG Espresso Mug

TAG Espresso Mug

TAG Espresso mug is protector of your hands from the hot/cold coffee with its handle. It also makes your TAG Espresso coffee tastes better, and preserves the temperature of your drinks 😉 Totally suitable to take it with you anywhere, ensuring that your favourite brew is always within reach!

Capacity: 400ml

Dimension: 8.6cm x 10cm

Mug Body Material: Double layer 304 stainless steel

Lid Material: Foodgrade Tritan, Foodgrade Silicone 


Use & Care:

- Clean with warm water before first use.

- When used with hot liquid, be careful not to scald yourself.

After use, please wash them in time to avoid odour residue.

- Rinse with warm water and wipe dry after.