TAG Espresso At Takashimaya S.C.

A deluxe coffee concept that incorporates the spirit of expressiveness and high-quality coffee. Taking on the identity to provide consumers the possibility of enjoying quality coffee wherever they are, we inspire the courage and fun of expressing, in coffee drinks and everyday living.

With an impressive product range of unique on-the-go coffee capsules, TAG Espresso stands by standards for quality craftsmanship, lush spaces inspired to make customers feel exceptional, simply through a cup of coffee.

Come taste the coffee that you truly deserve. 

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Our Menu

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Hungry Gallery

Shrimp Paste Pork Belly
Avocado Mixed Salad (V)
Pork Chop Fried Rice
Smoky Fried Rice
Cheesy Tater Tots
Avocado Toast
Tako Kaarage
Salmon Salad
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