How to Use TAG Espresso Coffee Capsules?

How to Use TAG Espresso Coffee Capsules?

A Comprehensive Guide to Brewing with TAG Capsules

Do you love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee but the complicated process of operating a coffee machine turns you off? Well, here’s some exciting news: you don’t need a coffee machine to enjoy that quality, perfect cup of coffee.

Introducing TAG Espresso, your go-to solution for hassle-free, high-quality coffee without the need for an expensive coffee maker. With our innovative coffee capsules and simple brewing method, you can savour the rich flavours of premium coffee at home or anywhere you are.

Why TAG Espresso Capsules?

At TAG Espresso, we have revolutionized the way you enjoy your daily caffeine experience. Our coffee capsules are crafted using state-of-the-art freeze-dried crystallization technology, ensuring that every cup delivers the same freshness and bold taste that you expect from a barista-grade coffee. The secret lies in our unique freeze-crystallization process, preserving the rich aroma and flavour of freshly ground coffee beans in convenient capsules.


Plus, you can use the capsules in any base of any temperature. Whether your choice of base is an Iced Water, Orange Juice, Oatmilk, or a simple cold milk - our capsules will dissolve in temperatures of 0 - <100 degree celsius. 

How It Works: Easy as Peel and Pour

Using TAG Espresso capsules are incredibly easy. No more complicated machinery or confusing settings. All you need to do is peel open a capsule and pour the crystallised coffee into your favourite mug. In just a few seconds, you’ll have a steaming hot cup of coffee ready to delight your senses.

The TAG Espresso Advantage- Coffee Capsule Brewing Made Simple

TAG Espresso capsules redefine the way you enjoy coffee anywhere you are. Our user-friendly capsules allow you to brew a perfect cup of coffee effortlessly. In just 3-seconds

TAG Espresso offers a wide range of exquisite coffee roast levels to suit every palate. From dark roast to medium roast blends, our capsules cater to diverse taste preferences depending on your personal choice. 

✅️ Convenience Redefined:

Embrace the convenience of capsule coffee brewing. No more grinding beans, measuring portions, or cleaning up messy coffee grounds. TAG Espresso capsules offer a mess-free and convenient solution for your daily caffeine needs.

✅️ No Coffee Machine Required:

 Bid farewell to bulky coffee machines that occupy valuable kitchen space. With TAG Espresso, you can enjoy gourmet coffee without the need for a coffee maker - just use your fingers.

✅️ Quick and Easy:

 Busy mornings? Tight schedules? TAG Espresso is the ultimate quick coffee option. Create your favourite coffee in moments and savour the taste of perfection without any hassle.

✅️ Stir and Enjoy:

Give it a gentle stir to blend the flavours, and voila! Your perfect cup of TAG Espresso coffee is ready to be savoured.

TAG Espresso Capsules: Your Gateway to Coffee Paradise

Indulge in the rich, aromatic experience of TAG Espresso coffee at home. With our coffee capsule solutions, you have the power to brew barista-quality coffee without the fuss of traditional methods. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a casual drinker, TAG Espresso capsules offer an unparalleled coffee experience that caters to all.

Say goodbye to the limitations of a coffee machine and embrace the freedom of choice with TAG Espresso. Explore our wide range of flavours, experiment with different blends, and elevate your coffee moments without the need for a coffee maker. Experience the TAG Espresso difference today!



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