[Consignment] TAG Blue (12 Capsules)
[Consignment] TAG Blue (12 Capsules)

[Consignment] TAG Blue (12 Capsules)


Humanity runs on coffee. TAG Blue coffee is an essential!


Apricot Chestnut uses Arabica beans sourced from Guatemala. This medium roast coffee carries distinct taste of fruity sweetness and aroma of roasted chestnuts, smooth with aftertaste of maple syrup. Cocoa Butter is a medium dark roast of Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia. It presents a taste of Cocoa Butter with sweet acidity, rich yet no bitterness.


Each TAG Blue box contains 6 capsules of Apricot Chestnut and 6 capsules of Cocoa Butter.


How to differentiate the flavours:

Apricot Chestnut flavours are labelled under "Coffee First", "Stay Lit", and "Just Chill".

Cocoa Butter flavours are labelled under "Nice", "Feeling Good", and "You're Amazing".